Canyon Ridge Construction

Canyon Ridge

Project Construction
From new homes to new commercial projects, Canyon Ridge stands out for its flawless execution of exacting designs, delivered on time and on budget.  Whether you're planning a new custom home, a backyard cottage, a kitchen remodel or a beautiful new addition we have the expertise to make it become reality.

Preliminary and Feasibility Analysis
No matter where you are in the process we can help. We are experienced in quick “snapshot” examinations of your project or detailed studies to determine whether or not what you want to do is practical.

Design and Build Packages
The old model of hiring an architect to fully develop plans which then go out to bid to general contractors has been replaced largely by the “Design/Build” Team concept.  Under this approach, you, the client, choose a builder who has a working team of professionals to guide the project from concept to completion.  This has the advantage of keeping control of costs from the very beginning of the job.  Without input from an experienced building contractor during the early design phase, a project can run the risk of being designed with very little consideration to the real world costs of construction..

Architectural  and Interior Design Services
We work closely with a unique team of design professionals whose creative talents will transform your ideas into vivid conceptions.  We have expertise in all design areas from grading and engineering through landscape architecture.

Site  Analysis & Land Acquisition Services
We have been in operation continuously in the San Diego & Riverside county areas for over 25 years.  Our association with local planning groups, utility companies, and experienced realtors can help determine whether or not a site can be developed or added on to before taking on expensive acquisition or design costs. 

Financing Resources
We have relationships with several local lending institutions with many sources of construction finance options.